Multi-platform framework for location services

Wingu is a multi-platform framework to quickly and easily implement location features, with Geofence, iBeacon, NFC, Eddystone and QR-code, into Apps and Web.

As part of the wingu core team we developed over the last 3 years an extensive SAAS platform with accompanied SDKs that enables developers to quickly and easily implement location features into mobile Apps and Web.

The API platform supports extensive proximity and data management and works in close connection with the advanced native (Swift / Kotlin) mobile SDKs. The wingu platform itself enables developers to create proximity triggers and location based content and interaction by only including the wingu SDK in their mobile app.

Wingu Shutdown

Wingu as a Platform closed for business end 2019. The wingu core development team kept the software up2date, and make it available, for those who are interested in building a business around location services.

wingu platform covers

  • Centralised Proximity trigger management solution
  • REST API build on Symfony
  • Native SDKs (for iOS, Android and PHP)
  • Secure and comprehensive API for content creation and delivery
  • Full CMS to provide multilingual multimedia content and interactions
  • Data analytics and reporting service in compliance with GDPR

The platform and service architecture is using:

  • Swift & Kotlin for the native apps and SDKs
  • PHP, Symfony framework
  • AngularJS & Typescript
  • Heroku, AWS, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis

Sounds Interesting?

If you are interested in this technology, or if you have an idea to use our software in your business, please contact us directly: