Location aware controlling and maintenance

Imaging a situation where a team has to do, daily, several rounds trough an industrial complex, to check if all machines, pumps etc are running correctly. This is a complex process: how to route the user efficient trough the building, how does s/he knows what to check, how to make sure all instances are checked, and how to get the different parameters easily send to a general maintenance system for further processing.

Together with Vattenfall, we developed a location aware tablet app, using the wingu proximity platform and ibeacons. Based on information from the main system, the app helped the user to find his way through the industrial maze of pipes, pumps and generators to do all needed checks. And after the round all date got send trough an dedicated API to the main SAP system for further processing.

For this project we relied on: wingu framework, Kotlin for Android development and Symfony for all API related development.

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