SUMIS - E-procurement

The Purchasing Department Engine

Sumis Print Management was confronted with an increasing workload in their procurement department and asked us to deliver a procurement and supplier-evaluation system. We designed, developed a procurement software "e-procurement" which carries out purchase orders in a fully automated tendering process and maintains the financial side of supplier-customer relationships.

Following Processes are being covered

  • Purchase orders, purchase requisitions, goods received and invoicing
  • Supplier Information, incl. maintaining supplier information, contracts and catalogues
  • Suppliers / Vendor rating
  • Buying, the system fully handles the end-to-end procurement process between the company and its suppliers
  • Tendering, RFQ
  • Workflow engine that checks and red flags to ensure that the procurement systems work seamlessly within the company

Using an extensive API architecture we could implement the software in our client’s IT landscape, and it fully integrates the procurement system with the company’s accounting, ERP software in an ISO-certified process.

Our solution

  • automates many of the purchasing processes
  • integrates with existing software and processes
  • is comprehensive, includes processes like a forecast, bidding, multi-bidding rounds, supplier management and vendor rating
  • increases efficiency as it reduces costs and still delivers best services to vendors and clients
  • gathers new insights for further use in the clients BI system
  • API allows other companies purchasing systems to seamlessly connect

For technical details, or if it interests you how our software will be able help you mange your internal processes, please contact us directly: