Kaufhaus Stolz

A real trade fair app

The STOLZ department store has around 33 branches in northern Germany. It offers a wide range of goods from many areas. This especially includes clothing and accessories for Nordic activities such as swimming, water sports or fishing. Imagine the enormous amount of goods that need to find their way from a trading fair to the shelves in the store (or online store). In order to streamline this process, we created together with the Stolz procurement team a mobile trade fair APP and API. With this app the buyer team travel around the world, from a trade fair to the next trade fair. Whenever they buy goods, they add the connected data, like site, weight, amounts etc etc, directly into the mobile app. The Device syncs the data to the procurement team in Germany. This team then handles all legal and administrative actions in the backend, and at the same time the API makes sure that the warehouse system is aware of the incoming goods.

Our solution

  • automates many of the purchasing processes
  • integrates with existing software and processes
  • increases efficiency as it reduces costs and still delivers best services to vendors and internal systems
  • gathers new insights for further use in the clients BI system
  • API allows other internal systems to connect seamlessly
  • minimised the communication effort around a purchase orders, and so reduces errors

For technical details, a demo of the software or if you are interested in this software, please contact us directly: hanz.geeratz@nofrills.io