Feel Welcome

One of our international clients considered his visitor reception rather as a luxury. While the company wanted to maintain a professional and customer-friendly face to visitors, they also needed to ensure that resources are employed effectively. Thus, most of the time the reception was understaffed. For this case we developed the e-reception. The solution is a self-service for visitors, to sign themselves in and to inform the person they want to visit. It is intuitive, using a familiar iPad interface, and it supports compliance, noticing who has been in the building and when. Our E-reception software is customisable trough a CMS and used for promotional and information purposes. Our solution is easy to use as we made it for a broad range of users, from the postman to business visitors. User-friendly, even though it is an application, it is still personal and friendly, reflecting a positive company image. For technical details, or if you are interested in similar software, please contact us directly: hanz.geeratz@nofrills.io