We’re No Frills, a tech agency.

Experts in mobile app development.


What we do

We develop custom-built, robust and scalable, mobile applications for iOS and Android - supported by a high quality backend API architecture.

We provide full-cycle iOS & Android and back-end application development services. From the initial architectural & technical planning of your app project, until its final deployment.

We have a deep understanding and hands-on experience working with advanced mobile features like Location Services, offline storage, synchronisation, IoT, iBeacons, NFC, Artificial Intelligence.

We are experts in building and deploying solid, secure and scalable architectures and web based platforms.

We are there when things get complicated or when your team is stuck and needs extra power.


  • Native and non-native iOS and Android development
  • SDK development
  • API / Platform development
  • Technical due diligence
  • Technical advice



Hanz Geeratz
Hanz Geeratz

Consultancy, project management

LinkedIn, XING

Czarek Stepkowski
Czarek Stepkowski
Senior Backend Developer

PHP, DevOps, Backend Architecture

GitHub, LinkedIn

Jakub Mazur
Jakub Mazur
Senior iOS Developer

Swift, Objective-C

GitHub, LinkedIn, Twitter

Mateusz Armatys
Mateusz Armatys
Senior Android Developer

Java, Kotlin

GitHub, LinkedIn

Mateusz Staruchowicz
Mateusz Staruchowicz
Senior iOS Developer

Swift, Objective-C

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Our clients range from emerging start-ups, marketing agencies to well established companies in Germany and Europe. The technical diversity and the complexity of these projects, made us into a very experienced team of senior developers.

Here’s a look at some of our awesome clients and projects, past and present: Lotto24, Universität Hamburg Marketing, Tipp24, Lutz Aufzüge, About You, Wingu, Vattenfall, NUON, Deutsche Bahn, Robinson Club, Schneider Pen, Kaufhaus Stolz, Sumis Print Management, Lutz Wissensdepot GmbH. Projects: E-reception, E-Invoicing.


Principles and standards

We practice agile software development, using well known coding practices such as test driven (TDD) and behaviour driven development (BDD).

We do everything to avoid process overhead, so we can focus on our expertise: creating the best solutions by delivering functional code.

We deliver non-sales advice and we help you to understand your situation. Together we will examine and find alternatives, taking the individuality of your project into account.

We are focused, we are lean. There is no 5 layers of management, when you talk to us, you talk to us – not someone representing us - a small team of experts.



Senior Developer

  • 900 Euros per day or 120 Euros per hour.

Senior Consultant

  • 900 Euros per day or 120 Euros per hour.

We estimate your project accurately and calculate realistic project timelines. Invoices come in sync with our sprint rhythm, every 14 days. Our invoices need to be paid before the next sprint ends: that is within 14 days.


Socially responsible

We like to work with non-profit and for-profit environmentally & socially engaged companies. We understand the budget challenges that come along with being a social enterprise. Aforementioned companies do get a decent price reduction, that’s good for you, and for our Karma.


Get in touch

NO FRILLS is seated in Hamburg, Germany and Krakow, Poland.